Monarch Tractor 

 December 8, 2020

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Monarch Tractor

Headquarters: Livermore, CA, USA

Established: 2018
Public: NO
Website: https://www.monarchtractor.com

Quick Overview:

Monarch Tractor is innovating in the AGTECH market with the launch of their all-electric, autonomous, compact, utility tractor. Designed as a one-for-one replacement of existing compact utility tractors, the Monarch Tractor can immediately leverage all of the implements that are already in a farmer's barn. In addition, Monarch is building a channel partner program to enable implement manufacturers to develop a new class of "Smart Implements" that will transition farming into the 21st century.

Product Name



Monarch Tractor

1000 kg (2200 ib)

70 HP

3 Point Hitch

(Category I/II)

540 RPM


10+ hr operation time



Monarch features mechanization, automation, and data analysis to put power back in farmers' hands, increasing labor productivity and maximizing yields. The tractor charges its battery by using the same plug as a farmer uses for his welder.

Founded by industry veterans Praveen Penmetsa (CEO), Mark Schwager (President), Zachary Omohundro (CTO) and Carlo Mondavi (Chief Farming Officer).

Monarch tractor with the four founders

The Monarch Tractor with the four founders. (image courtesy of Monarch Tractor)

Monarch initially investigated the idea of retrofitting smart controls onto existing diesel tractors, but through in-field trials, they realized that there was a bigger opportunity to go back to the drawing board and design an entirely new tractor platform built around an all electric design.

The result is a platform that is immediately familiar to farmers around the world, yet future-proofed and sustainable for the long term. The decision to build the machine in a compact, utility form-factor has many benefits, including the ability to immediately leverage a farmer's existing lineup of implements that are familiar to the farmer and specific to their operations. This reduces any barriers to entry for the Monarch Tractor.

The tractor can be driven by a human, however the controls are all "drive by wire" controls. With onboard sensors and complete instrumentation of the controls, the tractor can learn by watching the farmer drive and then replaying a specific operation autonomously at a later time.

In addition, the all-electric platform provides new opportunities to the farmer, including a mobile power source that can be positioned anywhere on the property while it provides non-polluting electric power. The weight of the battery is also designed to ballast the tractor and improve operations without the need to add additional ballast.

Unlike its competitors who are producing machines in a non-traditional tractor form factor, Monarch is setting a course that should enable it to dominate the worldwide market for compact, utility tractors.

monarch tractor on a white background

The Monarch Tractor is an entirely new autonomous vehicle in a familiar form factor. (image courtesy of Monarch Tractor)

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