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Description: The Mobile Robot Podcast is a weekly interview-style show that profiles successful entrepreneurs and luminaries in the mobile robotics industry. We talk about their past, present, and future contributions to the field, as well as their current projects and companies. We also discuss the latest news in the industry from conferences, acquisitions, and new product releases.

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This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews UBTECH Americas GM, John Rhee. Mike and John discuss the recent announcement at CES 2021, where UBTECH launched their new UV-C Disinfection robots.

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This week, host Mike Oitzman presents his look ahead to 2021 and presents five predictions for where the autonomous mobile robot market is headed in 2021.

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This week, host Mike Oitzman reviews the top mobile robot stories of 2020 with Steve Crowe, editor of The Robot Report.

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This week, Mike’s guest is Seegrid’s VP of Product Jeff Christensen. They discuss the latest in material handling robots.

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This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews AutoGuide Mobile Robots CEO Rob Sullivan. AutoGuide recently launched a new high-bay autonomous pallet handling mobile robot. This AMR is capable of autonomously acquiring and placing a full pallet onto high shelves.

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This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews Monarch Tractor CEO Praveen Penmetsa, and CTO Zachary Omohundro. Monarch Tractor launched their new all-electric, compact autonomous tractor robot this week, and during the podcast, we learn all about the features and new capabilities that an all-electric, autonomous tractor platform brings to farmers around the world.

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