Keenon Robotics 

 August 20, 2020

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Keenon Robotics

Headquarters: Shanghai, China

Established: 2010
Public: NO
Website: http://www.keenonrobot.com

Quick Overview:

Shanghai based Keenon Robotics has been designing and deploying service robots since 2010. With worldwide distribution, Keenon has focused on applications in delivery, hospitality and most recently with disinfection. 

They're a high-tech enterprise specialising in the research, development, production and sales of various types of indoor service robots, determined to provide robots in various industries to solve industry pain points, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Their technical teams have won several national robot awards and participated in the research and development of well-known enterprises such as Microsoft and Intel. With more than fifty patents, Keenon Robotics is one of the leading high-tech robotic solutions providers in Shanghai.

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Product Name

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Keenon Delivery Bot T1

Delivery Bot T1


Hospitality, Delivery, Social Interaction

Keenon Delivery Bot T5

Delivery Bot T5


Hospitality, Delivery, Social Interaction

Keenon Delivery Bot T6

Delivery Bot T6


Hospitality, Delivery, Social Interaction

Keenon Tour Guide G2

Tour Guide G2


Hospitality, Tour Guide, Advertising, Patrolling

Delivery Bot T2

Delivery Bot T2


Hospitality, Delivery, Social Interaction

Keenon Disinfection Robot

Disinfection Robot


Disinfection, Sanitization, Sterilization


The Keenon product line comprises of a series of service, delivery, advertising, and disinfection robots. Their most popular product is the Delivery Bot T1, which is used in more than 700 restaurants, hospitals, casinos, and agencies. This robot has delivery precision down to a centimetre, SLAM navigation with depth perception, auto obstacle avoidance, and auto recharging capabilities. 

The Delivery Bot T5 and Delivery Bot T6 are similar in function, with the only difference being in their specifications, with more number of trays and wider tray sizes. The Delivery Bot T2 is again similar to the other delivery robots in function, but along with larger tray sizes and more number of trays, it also has doors to help keep the food safe and clean.

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The Tour Guide G2 is an interactive indoor guiding robot that is used to show people the way to their destination, in places like shopping malls and hotels. This robot also comes with a screen for advertizing.

Keenon Robotics' latest venture is the Disinfection Robot. This robot uses a short wave UVC lamp and disinfection liquid spray for sanitization. The robot has automated navigation and charging capabilities, and monitors the disinfection process with data collection and route records. 

Keenon Robotics' company vision is to replace human labor with commercial service robots, so as to reduce the cost of employees, cost of management, and the total business operation costs.

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