July 16, 2020

By  Mike Oitzman


Headquarters: San Francisco, CA USA

Established: 2016
Public: NO
Website: https://farmwise.io


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Quick Overview:

FarmWise is designing robots to help farmers solve their most pressing problems, starting with large scale, commercial weeding tasks.

FarmWise employs artificial intelligence to help the robot identify weeds from crop plants. They have trained their machine learning models with millions of images. The result is a solution that can effectively automate weeding tasks.

Product Name

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Weeding Robot


Commercial Agriculture


FarmWise, raised $14.5 million in Series A funding in September 2019. The company is using the funding to commercialize their solution in California and Arizona. FarmWise robots are AI-enabled and leverage computer vision, together with machine learning models and preceision mechanical tools to selectively eliminate unwanted plants, while preserving crops.

Weeding is the initial application for FarmWise as it's high on every farmers list of pain points. The labor costs required to manage weeds are a key factor in the economic viability of robotic weeding.

FarmWise TR2 Robot

Image courtesy of FarmWise

FarmWise’s team is comprised of farming and AI experts from prestigious institutions like MIT, Standford, and Columbia. To date, it claims that its robot has removed weeds from 10 million plants and that each robot is capable of weeding crops to feed a medium-sized city of roughly 400,000 people. 

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