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 June 22, 2020

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​Alterra Robotics

Headquarters: ​San Jose, USA

Established: 2019
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Quick Overview:

​Alterra Robotics is a robotics startup, ​focused on a human/robot operations model. The Sirius ​Patrol Bot extends the ​coverage ​of your security team, ​by putting cameras and other sensing technology on a mobile platform. The solution autonomously patrols areas of your facility that require additional coverage and can quickly alert your security team to anomalies.

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Sirius Autonomous Security Robots are designed to augment security teams. The robot can patrol a predefined area autonomously, and most importantly do so safely by constantly scanning its environment for people, terrain, and unplanned obstacles. Sirius can find the safest route around these obstacles and stay on patrol. It has been specifically designed with both outdoor and indoor use in mind.

Alterra Robot outdoors

The Alterra Robotics Sirius AMR is capable of indoor and outdoor navigation (image courtesy of Alterra Robotics)

​Sirius robots are designed from the ground up for compatibility with multiple sensor payloads (such as thermal imaging cameras) depending on the deployment need of customers.

​Fleets of robots can be deployed across multiple facilities, with multiple options for secure monitoring and control - including over the cloud to be able to view and command any Sirius unit from any device, anywhere securely.

​The Sirius robot video camera feed can be integrated directly into your existing security system's video monitoring software. This means that your security team doesn't need to do anything different to see information streaming from the Sirius robot as it goes through it's daily patrol path.

​If the robot detects an issues, it can alert your security team and enable them to take control of the robot to provide a mobile camera platform to quickly access the sitution, while recording the video and other sensor data.

​The solution is available as a Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) option. RaaS makes it simple to acquire and deploy the solution without a lengthy purchasing process while deliverying measurable value on a hourly basis.

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