June 11, 2020

By  Mike Oitzman


Headquarters: ​Seattle, USA

Established: 2015
Public: NO
Website: ​https://www.wibotic.com

Quick Overview:

​WiBotic (pronounced "why"-botic) wireless charging and power optimization solutions enable contact-less charging of AMR batteries. WiBotic produces a complete line of onboard charging solutions for every size AMR battery along with wireless charging stations.

WiBotic can white-label their technology to enable AMR and drone vendors to design, build and brand their own charging solutions around the core WiBotic wireless charging technology.

​Product Name



​Every AMR application

Every Drone application

​​​Onboard Chargers

​Every AMR application

Every Drone application

​Antenna Coils

​Every AMR application

Every Drone application


​Every AMR application

Every Drone application


​A pioneer in wireless charging system for drones and autonomous mobile robots, WiBotic has developed a roboust and capabile solution suitable for a variety of robotic applications for battery powered systems.

Whether you’re landing drones on rooftops, deploying mobile robots across wide areas, attempting to re-power AUVs at depth, or need to reliably power industrial automation equipment, WiBotic offers a wireless charging solution that keeps you moving forward.

The WiBotic schematic of transmitter and receiver.

The WiBotic schematic of transmitter and receiver. (Image courtesy of WiBotic)

​WiBotic provides wireless charging and power optimization solutions that are integral to charging the rapidly growing ecosystem of aerial, mobile, marine and industrial robots. ​The patented Adaptive Matching technology is built into every system, improving upon established methods for magnetic resonance and inductive power transfer, to provide the power levels and increased antenna range drones and robots demand. 

Wibotic indoor and outdoor charging station with a robot

The WiBotic wireless charging solution works both indoors and outdoors. (Image Courtesy of WiBotic)

​WiBotic power optimization solutions enhance our core wireless power technology by adding detailed battery monitoring and reporting, and configurable charging parameters – all available through APIs and WiBotic software. Combined with strategic deployment of the wireless charging hardware, these software features fully optimize the uptime of entire robot fleets.

​​With the growth of automation in retail and commercial real estate, WiBotic becomes the "Great Unifier" from a charging station perspective.​ In retail, there are now AMRs for inventory management, floor cleaning, facility disinfection and security. When each of these AMR come from a different vendor, they will each require their respective charging stations to be place somewhere in the facility. The WiBotic wireless charging solutions eliminates the need to find space for each individual charging station. Instead, a single (or multiple) WiBotic charging station(s) can serve the charging needs of an entire heterogeneous AMR fleet within a facility. The units can also safely be placed in public areas (like front of house in retail, or in a mall setting).

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