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Caja Robotics 

​Caja Robotics

Headquarters: ​Binyamina, Israel
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  • ​High Reach Robot
  • Shuttle Robot


  • Goods-to-Person
  • Dynamic AS/RS


​Caja Robotics (pronounced "CAHA") is an innovative robotics company that provides a G2P (goods-to-person) robotic solution for unit picking in warehouses which significantly increases productivity and storage capacity. Its system is unique, adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective - and is it revolutionizing the warehousing logistics world.

​The robotic system is powered by a cutting-edge cloud-based software that uses advanced
algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning for navigation, fleet management, and inventory optimization. A free-path algorithm controls the fleet of robots, making sure their way is optimal and clear. The unique solution comprises of two types of robots: a lift robot for storage optimization and replenishment and a cart robot for picking and fast transportation of boxes.

In the warehouse, the robots do the following:

  1. ​Robots take boxes from the replenishment station to inventory.
  2. ​Robots take boxes from inventory to the picking station and back.
  3. ​The order is ready for packing.
  4. ​Consistent optimization of storage within the warehouse

Caja Robotics achieves this with a minimum investment in warehouse infrastructure, as the robotics systems adapts to the warehouse and not vice versa, by using the existing framework. Due to Caja Robotics flexible solution, once implemented, the company is involved with the customer’s needs and demands by easily adding robots and nearly without any additional infrastructure.

​If a warehouse needs to change its layout, add more aisles, or expand, this is as easy as in a manual warehouse and easy to adapt the layout and aisles. Robots are easily added to the rest of the fleet and are synchronized in the cloud SW.

Caja Robotics is currently implemented at Bergen Logistics in New Jersey. Caja Robotics also has a US subsidiary for sales and marketing. Currently in discussion with other U.S. customers, in ecommerce and 3PL’s, some of which are global leaders.

The system operates as an automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) in the absence of people in the warehouse. The Caja system operates in a "sterile" warehouse (i.e. without humans present), with the exception of the packout stations.

​Caja does not offer Robots as a Service, ​and currently only sells the solution in a CAPEX model based on the square footage of the warehouse. However the intelligence and brains of the software is cloud based.

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