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Built Robotics 

​Built Robotics

Headquarters: ​San Francisco, CA, USA
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  • ​ATL-74L
  • AX-162
  • ​AD-255 XL


  • ​Construction


​Built Robotics has the mission of automating large construction machines. ​Since their ​inception in 2016, Built Robotics has ​adapted their ​autonomous controls to three different sized machines ​for three different applications on the construction site.

Rather than building construction equipment from scratch, Built Robotics automates existing construction equipment with their controls platform.

Built Robotics Product Family

​The Built Robotics lineup of autonomous construction trucks (image courtesy of Built Robotics)

​Their initial solution was adapted for a smaller skip loader (ATL-74L), and demonstrated in 2017. Since that time, Built Robotics has deployed their controls onto a larger excavator (AX-162) and a bulldozer (AD-255 XL).

All three of these applications require unique operational capabilities. Excavating is much different from moving dirt with a bull dozer.

Safety is Job One

​Safety is of key importance for Built Robotics. Operating the machines autonomously on a construction site means that the robot has to be able to see and sense human workers who stray into its working envelope. The robot is geo-fenced to confine its operation to a specified area on the work site.

Built fuses the data from multiple cameras, GPS, LIDAR and other sensors on the machine to know what's going on around the robot. Human operators manage the machines operation remotely and shutdown or take over manual operations when necessary.

​Built publishes that their machines have operated with over 7,500 hrs with a perfect safety record.

Built Robotics Software Interface

​Human operators monitor each robots operations (image courtesy of Built Robotics)

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