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Clearpath Robotics 

Clearpath Robotics

Headquarters: Kitchener, ON Canada
Public: NO


  • Moose UGV
  • Warthog UGV
  • Husky UGV
  • Jackal UGV
  • Ridgeback
  • Boxer


  • Platform
  • Survey and Inspection
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Material Handling


Clearpath was started in a basement by four friends who loved building robots in university. After experiencing their own frustrations in the lab, they wanted to make robotics research easier. Persisting, failing, iterating and finally succeeding on the build of their first unmanned vehicle, Clearpath Robotics was born.

Clearpath has built a complete line of indoor and outdoor autonomous mobile robot platforms. Their outdoor vehicles all feature IP62 weatherproof casing and a broad operating temperature range. You can spec the vehicle to your needs. From the smallest vehicle, the Jackal, which carries up to 20 kg all the way to it's big brother the Moose, which carries up to 513 kg. Clearpath also spawned industrial autonomous mobile robot provider OTTO Motors which is focused on turnkey indoor logistics and material handling operations.

All of their solutions run on ROS, which means that you can extend and build your own application on top of the vehicles.

You can even deploy a collaborative robot arm on the larger vehicles as shown in the following video:

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