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Savioke Relay was one of the first delivery robots to come to market. Savioke launched the Relay robot focusing on the hospitality and hotel delivery market. Savioke has made a name for itself as a pioneer in the hotel delivery market. The Savioke Relay robot is able to autonomous drive from a hotel front desk, up an elevator and make deliveries to hotel guests at their room door. CEO Steve Cousins and several members of the engineering team have their roots in Willow Garage, making Savioke a key pioneer of the second generation of Silicon Valley roboticists. (The first generation was everyone who came through west coast robotics pioneer Adept Technology).

Savioke Relay Robot

The Relay is able to leverage SLAM navigation to map out the facility, and then safely navigate from point to point. The robot remains connected via the hotel WiFi so that its progress can be tracked as the robot completes a delivery. Savioke is also an early pioneer of the Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) business model, and a key feature of RaaS is the ability for an online service technician from Savioke to remotely help recover a robot which might have a problem.

Autonomous delivery robots are a cost effective way for hotels to simultaneously improve overall operations and differentiate themselves in a highly competitive environment. While delivery robots save costs, increase incremental revenue, and boost occupancy rates, they also provide new types of return on investment (ROI) such as improved social media rankings and reviews, more satisfied, focused, and productive staff, and increased awareness of their hotel. 

Now Savioke is expanding its market to install Relay robots into other internal delivery operations at corporate offices and hospitals. New customers in this space include DHL and FedEx.

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