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Vecna Robotics 

Vecna Robotics

Headquarters: Cambridge, MA, USA
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Vecna, a recognized leader in robotics, was founded in 1998 by a consortium of MIT engineers on the idea that people matter, and that businesses can be profitable, ethical, and socially responsible.

For two decades Vecna has been developing cutting-edge robotics platforms for hospitals, NASA, the United States Army, the United States Navy, the Department of Defense, DARPA and numerous other partners.

Today, Vecna Robotics’ is using its expertise and experience building cutting edge technology to develop end-to-end, dynamic material handling and logistics solutions that can grow and evolve with business needs and changing technologies.

With product line that covers a broad range of applications and payloads, Vecna can tackle a variety of uses. Their tugger solutions can operate in both manually driven mode or autonomous mode, which is unique for this market.

Vecna Robotics' Autonomous Fork Truck is a collaborative autonomous mobile robot that can safely operate around humans. However, it is recommended that humans not be present in an aisle where there robot is lifting any pallet overhead. The autonomous counterbalanced fork truck includes dynamic obstacle avoidance to navigate warehouses easily and safely and is compliant with industry regulations such as the ANSI B56.5-2019.

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