Cobalt Robotics announces door integration 

 March 22, 2019

By  Mike Oitzman

Cobalt Robotics now integrates with door security

March 20, 2019

Cobalt Robotics announced that they can now integrate with office security systems to open doors with automated door opening systems. This new capability will enable the robot to pass through the door during patrol operations. The robot transmits a secure, wireless credential, through a signal using either Bluetooth or RFID technology. The doors control reader, then authenticates the robot, opens the door and allows the robot to pass.

With this new capability, Cobalt Robots are able to patrol secure areas of the facility which might not have be accessible to the robot without this feature. Cobalt Robots include more than 60 sensors, including multiple cameras, which enable them to collect data during patrol operations. This information is used to raise an alert to the facility security team if the robot senses that something is wrong. The sensors can even "see" things that a human might not be able to see. 

Cobalt Robotics continues to be a leader in the indoor security patrol space and innovate to help augment the abilities of a facilities security team.

“This enhanced capability is a game changer in the security robot industry, as it enables robots to enter partitioned areas in a corporate office or manufacturing facility that would otherwise be difficult for the robot to access independently,” said Travis Deyle, CEO of Cobalt Robotics, in a prepared statement.

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