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Cobalt Robotics

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Cobalt is building indoor robots for security, designed to work alongside human guards to provide better security than people can do alone. The robots have the sensing, computation, and intelligence of an autonomous car. A fleet of Cobalt robots is comparable to an extremely competent guard with super-human capabilities and omnipresent situational awareness across an entire organization. The robots are meant to keep offices safe by patrolling around, looking for intruders or anything that's out of the ordinary, and also providing a friendly face to office employees.

The solution expands the presence of your existing security/facility team. The robots are completely autonomous, however when it senses a problem, it alerts the security team who at that point can remotely see and hear what the robot sees or hears. 

The Cobalt solution is offered as a service, meaning that you don't own the robots. A complete security solution is provided by Cobalt including the robots, setup, repair and remote monitoring and support. A Cobalt robot is deployed into your facility and your security team is trained how to use the system and handle any alerts from the system. If a robot breaks down or if your onsite team needs help, the Cobalt remote service team can help resolve a situation.

The Cobalt robot patrols and builds a model of what is normal in your environment. It patrols with unwavering attention, identifying anomalies. This delivers comprehensive situational awareness, filling gaps in security coverage and providing a full-time security presence.

When an anomaly is detected, a specialist at Cobalt’s Operations Center is notified immediately. The robot remains in the area while Cobalt’s specialist manages, investigates and mitigates the event.

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Specialists follow your post orders for security-related events or submit a maintenance ticket for facility-related incidents. In cases where employee safety is compromised, the specialist can video chat through the robot, providing a friendly interaction, while contacting appropriate assistance.

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