Turnaco Robotics Announces new Mosque cleaning Mobile Robot 

 October 16, 2018

By  Mike Oitzman

Turkish mobile robot company Turnaco Robotics has just announced a new autonomous mobile robot solution called Mouro. Mouro is an autonomous carpet sweeping and disinfection robot designed specifically for mosques. The robot's cleaning system first sweeps the carpet and then disinfects with UV lamps. It uses the same disinfection technology as Turnaco’s Uvolt-RUN disinfection robot. Finally it also removes the odor in the carpet with ozone gas. The vehicle is designed to autonomously navigate throughout the facility while running a pattern designed to completely clean the room in an efficient manner.

The idea for the robot came about when Turnaco CEO Kerem Şencan heard about two older gentleman who had breathing problems when they went to their local Mosques. "Their doctors said that going to the mosques would affect their health negatively," he said. "On the other hand, there was always an odor at the mosques in Kadıköy that I go to. One of my foreign friends said that Turks don't put their faces on their carpets at home but they do so in mosques where thousands of people enter. Lastly, I talked to an imam. He told me that it is a problem keeping the mosque clean. This is why it is cleaned once a month. That's when we thought only a robot can overcome this problem." A mosque hosts hundreds of people for prayer, five time a day. Mouro is a unique, automated solution to help improve the hygiene of the mosque.

Mouro will be custom produced for each mosque. Standard working time is 1 hour and more batteries can be added for larger mosques. The robot is designed to quickly clean between services and then be hidden again, out of the way, where it can recharge.

The robot took two years to develop. It has a custom operating system and it is managed entirely from the mobile application. It includes 7 mini LIDAR and 2 large LIDAR sensors to help it navigate during operation.

The solution will be marketed mainly Islamic countries: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pakistan. The secondary market is Europe and USA. They have prototypes working in the field with mass production starting in 2019.

Şencan says that they are currently seeking investment and investors can contact him directly for more information.


  • High UVC radiation and ozone gas emission
  • Speed, direction and operation control with DC motor
  • Autonomous operation
  • An intelligent and efficient path management system
  • The system is operated remotely by a mobile application connected to the robot via Bluetooth
  • Track operation on a visual display
  • Smart mapping software
  • Option for a hygienic steel or carbon fiber body
  • Built in Turkey
  • Product Dimensiosn: 500mm x 700 mm and Weight : 32 kg  (Lithium ion battery version weight : 24 kg)

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Mike Oitzman

Mike Oitzman brings 25 years of product management and product marketing experience to the role of publisher and editor for Mobile Robot Guide. Mike is a respected expert in the mobile robot market and is a frequent panel leader and speaker at events and tradeshows.

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