UBTECH Announces New Line Of Material Handling AMRs 

 January 11, 2021

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UBTECH announced a new lineup of material handling autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) at CES2021. The new Intelligent Logistics Robotics System consists of two different base units and a variety of modular payloads that can scale with your business. UBTECH plans to start shipping the new robots in the second half of 2021.

The new base platform comes in two configurations: the U300 with a 300 kg payload capability, and the U500 with a 500 kg payload capability. Both base units are the same profile with dimensions of 905 mm x 615 mm x 290 mm (35.6" x 24.2" x 11.4"). The vehicles are differentially driven with a rotation axis of 475 mm (18.7") and a max speed of 1500 mm/sec (3.4 mph).

The base platform uses 3D vision and LiDAR sensors for localization, navigation and obstacle avoidance. The company is also planning to launch an additional external AI-based camera solution to help improve traffic routes and manage the traffic at congested intersections of your facility.

UBTECH logistics robot lineup

The new UBTECH Intelligent Logistics Robotic Systems is configurable with four different payloads. (image courtesy of UBTECH)

Currently, UBTECH is planning to offer the AMRs in four different configurations. The Standard Model is a basic AMR platform, that can be fitted with any custom payload. The Jacklift Model includes a lifting mechanism, targeted primarily for goods-to-person warehouse applications.

The Roller Model includes a two-tier roller conveyor configuration, intended for box, bin or tray sortation applications. Lastly, there is an enclosed carrier configuration called the Bin Model which can be deployed for logistics applications where security of the cargo is necessary during transportation. This may include hospitality applications, hospital/medical applications, food handling or secure logistics.

As of press time, no pricing for the solution has yet been announced.

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