December 22

Video: How To Start A Robot Revolution



Part 1 of the video series: How To Start A Robot Revolution. The video series follows the creation, growth and adoption of the Robot Operating System (ROS) from its roots in the Stanford Robotics Laboratory to its commercialization by Willow Garage. 

In the video, you'll meet the key folks who helped make ROS a reality, and who have gone on to either start their own robotics companies or joined other key vendors in the autonomous mobile robot and autonomous vehicle space.

NOTE: If you start watching part 1 of the video, it will continue on through the entire series.

The video is sponsored by Redhat (one of the leaders in open-source software). Redhat has a page on their website dedicated to the video and a history of ROS. It includes a bunch of video clips that didn't make it into the video. If you're a fan of ROS, this is a must see.

History of ROS chart

This chart illustrates the history of ROS (image courtesy of Redhat)

Here are the individuals who are interviewed and featured in the video:


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