China Buys an Army of UVD Robots to fight Coronavirus Infection 

 February 20, 2020

By  Mike Oitzman

​February 19, 2020

The battle to defeat the coronavirus ​​has begun. Odense based UVD Robots announced a deal to sell autonomous mobile robot (AMR) disinfection units to China based Sunay Healthcare Supply. ​This deal ​came together primarily to focus on helping to control the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in hospital and healthcare facilities within China. The coronavirus ​situation requires attention to the disinfection procedures which deliver the ​most effective solution.

UVD has a unique solution with its AMR-based system to autonomously disinfect a hospital room or surgery theaters. The concentrated UV-C light emitted by the robots as they drive has a germicidal effect that removes virtually all airborne viruses and bacteria on the surfaces of a room. By being 100% autonomous, the robot can operate without humans in the room (the UV light can be dangerous to human eyes).

Through Sunay Healthcare Supply’s partners in China, the robots will be deployed in all Chinese provinces. “With this agreement, more than 2,000 hospitals will now have the opportunity to ensure effective disinfection, protecting both their patients and staff,” says Su Yan, CEO of Sunay Healthcare Supply, a medical equipment supplier to the Chinese market.

Executives sign agreement

UVD and Sunay Healthcare executives sign agreement.

Sunay Healthcare researched the market thoroughly to find the best solution to their needs, and settled on the UVD Robot solution. “We found the UVD robot to be superior compared to other technologies and are pleased to - in a very short amount of time - enter into a reseller agreement with exclusive rights to supply the UVD robots in China,” says Su Yan, emphasizing how both parties have worked intensively to get deliveries of robots to the Chinese hospitals.

Robots ready to ship to fight coronavirus

Image courtesy of UVD Robots

​CEO of UVD Robots, Per Juul Nielsen, is pleased to be helping combat the spread of the virus in China through the company’s solution: “In a severe crisis like this where the world health is threatened, our innovative technology really proves its worth,” he says.

Read the full press release here.

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