Future Robotics Debuts at the 2019 China International Hi-Tech Fair 

 November 13, 2019

By  Mike Oitzman

​The 2019 China International Hi-Tech Fair runs November 13-17, 2017 at the Shenzhen Convention Center and Exhibition Center. Autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer ​Future Robotics  debuts their lineup of AMRs at the show this week.

​Future Robotics made 50 million yuan in 2019 and is ​one of the market leaders in China for logistics AMRs. Relevant institutions predict that China's smart logistics market will exceed 500 billion yuan in 2020 and will exceed one trillion yuan in 2025. At the China Hi-Tech show, ​Future Robotics demonstrates their vehicles performing unmanned handling and high stacking operations.

​Future Robotics is using cameras and vision to guide and localize their robots, rather than LIDAR. At present, they have only equipped tuggers and pallet truck style vehicles with this capability. ​Future Robotics offers a product line of five different vehicle configurations, including electric and internal combustion type vehicles. In addition, they are also offering a retrofit kit to enable automation of an existing logistics platform.

VisionNav Robot

​Dr. Li Luyang, co-founder and CEO of ​Future Robotics said "visual navigation has three core advantages of strong ease of use, universal versatility and high cost performance compared to traditional AGV navigation methods such as magnet wire, QR code and laser. At present, the robot vision navigation module has been able to adapt to more than 180 manual forklifts and tractors of the six major brands on the market, basically covering all the electric and partial internal combustion models on the market, which can effectively help Chinese enterprises to complete warehousing. Intelligent and automated upgrade of logistics."

At the show, they will demonstrate high-precision, multi-level stacking. This requires that the robot have a high degree of spatial understanding as it determines where to place each load.

To learn more about ​Future Robotics, check out their website.

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