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The Mobile Robot Guide provides the latest news and information about applications for mobile robots. We seek to educate new buyers about the market, the applications and the vendors, through online digital content. We produce primary research about buyers and their needs.

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Online Banner Advertising Options

NOTE: We build a custom ad program that includes any combination of advertising opportunities.

We offer three options for online banner advertising:


End of content ads run at the end of content articles. Content articles includes news articles, videos, reviews and vendor pages.


Leaderboard ads run below the billboard and navigation menu of the main page, above the fold. The current header is not static and scrolls up as the users interacts with the page.


The 320x250 unit is known as an MPU or MREC ad. This ad is embedded in the right-side structure between other non-ad widgets.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsorship is available in our weekly newsletter. Sponsorship can include an image, text and call-to-action URL. Only one sponsor per week. Goes to all newsletter recipients.

Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising may be new to you. Here's how it works: your ad copy is read by the host during each podcast episode in one of three ad slots in the episode. 

Podcast Ad Types

Preroll Ad - A 15 second ad after the intro and before the main interview or story starts

Midroll Ad - A 60 second ad in the middle of the episode, during a break in the story or interview.

Endroll Ad - A 30 second ad at the end of the show, immediately after the content, but before the credits.

Podcasts are an audio format, so podcast advertising is great for building brand awareness or making an announcements. Evergreen content works best in a podcast ad because listeners may listen to the content at some point in the future. The other advantage is that podcast advertisements continue to work for you, long after you've paid for it.

Sponsor Ad on The Show Page

Podcast advertisers get two additional benefits:

  1. Perpetual link in the episode show notes. We will place a specific (trackable) link to your landing page or site on the episode specific show notes. Here's an example of an episode specific show notes page.
  2. Sponsor link on the podcast main page during the advertising contract. Only current podcast sponsors are maintained on the main show page. Here's the link to The Mobile Robot Podcast main show page.

Buyers Guide

The Mobile Robot Buyers Guide are bi-annual publications which targets new AMR buyers. It is published online and in print (PDF) form and is a paid document. Various ad units and sponsorship levels are available.

The first edition of Mobile Robot Guide Buyers Guide Disinfection Solutions published in June 2020, and is now for sale.

Each Buyers Guide edition is focused on a specific market sub segment. Our editorial staff completes the research for all of the solutions in that market subsegment. Inclusion in the Buyers Guide as a vendor is free, however vendors have no editorial control over what is said other than providing technical specification and unit pricing.

The Buyers Guides are a paid market research document, purchased by prospective buyers.

Advertising In The Buyers Guide

Advertisers can purchase a full or half page ad for any specific Buyers Guide. Subject to approval, advertisers have complete control over the artwork and ad copy when they purchase an slot in a Buyers Guide.

Sponsoring a Buyers Guide

We also offer the exclusive opportunity to sponsor a Buyers Guide. In this option the sponsorship fee makes the document a free download for prospective buyers. The sponsor acquires a license to redistribute the Buyer Guide. There are no advertisements in a sponsored Buyers Guide edition, the sponsors logo and a short overview of the sponsor company will be included in the document.

Buyers Guide Re-licensing Option

We offer any vendor the opportunity to purchase a licensing right to redistribute an edited copy of a specific Buyers Guide edition. This option makes a great "call to action" campaign for use in your own marketing and sales campaigns. The document will be edited to remove all competing vendor solutions and include all of the market segment front matter (educational content) and then include our review of the vendors products in the technical specs section of the Buyers Guide.

Buyers Guide Editorial Calendar 2021

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To inquire about advertising rates and opportunities for the buyers guide, please contact our sales team.

Our mission is to be the best online resource for information about the growing applications for mobile robots.

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