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This page includes a summary of all of the market research and funding reports that we've published here on The Mobile Robot Guide. If you are an investor or a venture fund with an interest in autonomous mobile robots, you've come the right place.

NOTE: The information provided on this page is solely the opinion of The Mobile Robot Guide.

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Mobile Robot Company Acquisition Tracker

The table below tracks all of the mobile robot company acquisition activity since 2015:

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Mobile Robot Venture Investment Data From 2020

2020 Funding By Round

If we look back at the venture venture investment data from 2020, we can see that the largest chunk of money went to Series C. This is indicative of the trend that many AMR companies are in the expansion phase of their growth curve. Companies like Geek Plus, Seegrid, Clearpath Robotics, and OTTO Motors all completed Series C rounds, with Geek Plus ($200 M) coming in at the highest. 

The largest number of funding events happened in the Series B round with 15 companies taking an average of $46 M.

See figure 1 below for an chart of this market.

2020 Investments by series

Figure 1 - This charts illustrates the 2020 investments summarized by the type of funding event (source: MRG tracked deals in 2020)

2020 Funding by Segment

If we look at the venture funding in 2020 and organize it by market segment for the company, figure 2 shows us that the largest investment area in 2020 was warehousing solutions for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The total funding (all rounds) for warehousing solutions was $447 M.

The next biggest investment segment was material handling at $230 M.

The biggest growth in 2020 came in disinfection solutions which pulled in $43.6 M, after starting the year with only a handful of companies in the space. Currently, there are 70+ solutions in the autonomous disinfection solutions market. We expect to see some of these disinfection solutions companies fail to gain traction (and go bankrupt) and others to consolidate in 2021.

Money Raised by Segment Chart

Figure 2 - Money raised in 2020 by market segment

2020 Month-Over-Month Investment

The average monthly investment was ~$100 M in 2020. The year was pretty flat with two exceptions in June and August. All of this happened during a year in which the world was dealing with a response to the corona virus pandemic.

Figure 3 tracks the MoM deal cycle in 2020.

2020 fundraising by month

Figure 3 - This chart illustrates the month-over-month deal flow by total amount funded. (Source: MRG deals tracked in 2020)

2020 Data Table

The table below lists the data used to create the above table. You are free to download the content and use as you need.

2020 Venture Investment Data

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Mobile Robot Market Investment History

The table below is a filtered list of all of the funding or acquisition articles which have been published by The Mobile Robot Guide:

Editors Note:

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