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Otto Motors robot with logo
OTTO Motors is going global with $29M series C investment

OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath Robotics, today announced it has closed $29 million (USD) in Series C funding for the continued expansion of its autonomous mobile robot (AMR) platform. The investment, which follows years of rapid growth, was led by Kensington Private Equity Fund with participation from BMO Capital Partners, Export Development Canada (EDC), and previous investors iNovia Capital and RRE Ventures.

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Milvus SEIT-UV robots Robotic Solutions for Covid-19

Milvus Robotics

Turkey based MIlvus Robotics is applying the technological potential of autonomy, mobile robots and artificial intelligence across industries to improve production, operations and time to market.

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Oppent robot lineup


Oppent has been manufacturing automated solutions since 1960. Today they are delivering a complete line of autonomous mobile robots.

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Sherpa Mobile Robots Lineup

Sherpa Mobile Robotics

Sherpa Mobile Robotics is a French startup with a deep lineup of AMR configurations for a moving both bins and pallets. The product line includes a variety of payload configurations which will fits any number of applications.

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Diligent Robotics Moxi Robot

Diligent Robotics

Diligent Robotics Moxi robot is an autonomous mobile robot for operation within a hospital. The AMR is capable of both teleoperation and autonomous support for staff.

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Caja Robotic robot and logo

Caja Robotics

Caja Robotics offers a goods-to-person ASRS warehouse solution. This solution operates autonomously to retrieve bins, totes or boxes from a warehouse and delivers them to pack out stations.

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Ware drone in a warehouse

Ware Robotics

Ware leverages the power of drones to transform the way warehouses and distribution centers accomplish the critical task of tracking inventory.

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