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​Robots as a Service is changing everything

​Don't be fooled by all of the noise about robot as a service (RaaS). We've ​created the definitive resource ​about RaaS to yourself as you negotiate with vendors.

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Humatics KinetIQ 300

​HumaticsHeadquarters: ​Waltham, MA, USAPublic: NOWebsite:​ ​KinetIQ 100 KinetIQ 300 KinetIQ 1000 KinetIQ OS​Applications: check ​AGV and ​Mobile Robot Navigation

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Humatics KinetIQ 300


​HumaticsHeadquarters: ​Waltham, MA, USAPublic: NOWebsite:​ ​KinetIQ 100 KinetIQ 300 KinetIQ 1000

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​Recently ​Added Vendors:

Grey Orange Butler Robot


GreyOrangeHeadquarters: ​SingaporePublic: NOWebsite: https://www.greyorange.comProducts: Butler Butler Pick Pal Flexo​Applications: check Goods-to-Person check

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Clearpath Robotics product family

Clearpath Robotics

Clearpath RoboticsHeadquarters: Kitchener, ON CanadaPublic: NOWebsite: https://www.clearpathrobotics.comProducts: Moose UGV Warthog UGV Husky

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Ubiquity Robotics Robot

Ubiquity Robotics

Ubiquity RoboticsHeadquarters: San Jose, CA, USAPublic: NOWebsite: https://ubiquityrobotics.comProducts: Magni​Applications: check PlatformBackgroundMagni, by

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Nextshift Robotics robot

NextShift Robotics

NextShift RoboticsHeadquarters: Lowell, MA, USAPublic: NOWebsite: https://www.nextshiftrobotics.comProducts: TM-100​Applications: check Goods-to-Person check Goods-to-boxWarehouseBackgroundNextShift

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Hease robots profile

Hease Robotics

HEASE RoboticsHeadquarters: Villeurbanne, FrancePublic: NOWebsite: https://heaserobotics.comProducts: Heasy​Applications: check Retail Kiosk check In

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Badger Technologies Robo

Badger Technologies

Badger TechnologiesHeadquarters: Nicholasville, Kentucky, USAPublic: YES (a division of Jabil Technologies)Website: https://www.badger-technologies.comProducts:

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