Tennant Launches New T16AMR Floor Scrubber 

 February 22, 2021

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Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), announces the launch of its newest and largest autonomous floor cleaning machine, the T16AMR Robotic Floor Scrubber. This industrial-grade automated scrubber is the third AMR in Tennant’s lineup and the industry’s first AMR built on an industrial scrubber platform. It’s ideal for logistics and manufacturing facilities – allowing for consistent, efficient cleaning while reducing total cost of ownership. T16AMR units are available now for pre-order in North America and will begin shipping within the U.S. and Canada in April.

Tennant T16AMR

The Tennant T16AMR is the largest autonomous floor scrubber in the Tennant product line (image courtesy of Tennant)

Tennant T16AMR

The new Tennant T16AMR is the largest autonomous cleaning machine in Tennant's product line. It's designed for large, complex facilities that can benefit from fully-autonomous floor scrubbing operations. For companies who are dealing with staff shortages and the requirement for additional cleaning operations, the Tennant T16AMR may be a perfect solution. The Tennant T16AMR is powered by the Brain Corp BrainOS AMR control software, the same controls already proven in the rest of the Tennant AMR product line. With the control software, facility managers get consistent and efficient cleaning with supervisor notification of route completion and weekly reporting.

“Throughout its history, Tennant Company has maintained a sharp focus on advancing the cleaning industry by aggressively pursuing new technologies. Tennant continues this legacy with the introduction of our largest autonomous machine to help our customers increase their cleaning efficiency and maximize employee resources,” said David Strohsack, Vice President, Global Product Management and Marketing for Tennant Company.

Tennant now has more than 2 years of experience with autonomous floor scrubbers and their partnership with Brain Corp. The first Tennant autonomous floor scrubber was the smaller T7AMR Scrubber, released in 2018. The Tennant T7AMR is designed for smaller facilities or facilities where a more nimble machine is required to make tighter turns in narrow aisles. The T16AMR is the ideal machine for efficiently cleaning larger footprint facilities like warehouses, malls and manufacturing facilities.

To learn more, visit the Tenant website: https://www.tennantco.com

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