Geek+ Partners With Boreal Technologies To Expand In South America 

 February 17, 2021

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Geek+ announces a partnership with Boreal Technologies SA, a key provider of mobile solutions in Latin America. The new strategic relationship will enable Boreal Technologies to represent Geek+ solution in the region.

Geek+ started its expansion into North America in 2020. The pandemic and the subsequent increase in e-commerce sales has had a positive effect on both warehouse sales and all of the various technology solutions that enable the entire fulfillment workflow food chain. Geek+ mobile robotic solutions are a viable solution for automating the warehouse.

Randy Randolph, Senior Sales Manager of Geek+ US, said: “We are excited to partner with Boreal Technologies and leverage their expertise and wide customer base to advance our regional expansion in South America. Last year, we saw the successful implementation of our robotics-driven Goods-to-Person solution in Walmart Chile’s warehouse to help them manage the growth in e-commerce. In turn, we look forward to continuing to support retailers, 3PLs, and manufacturers across the continent with tailored robotics solutions that can help them gain short and long-term competitiveness.”

Geek+ AI-driven mobile robot solutions bring significant efficiency, accuracy, flexibility, and cost-saving advantages. By connecting networks of AI-driven mobile robots managed by an intelligent RMS (robot management system) to customers’ WMS, it will optimize the process for finding, sorting, or moving ordered goods, enabling faster and accurate order fulfillment. By letting mobile robots organize inventory according to real-time demand, it improves the ability to adapt. Automatic self-charging enables 24/7 automated operations to help businesses flexibly manage periods of high throughput requirements. With no need for fixed infrastructure, the implementation process does not take more than three months. Should there be a need to expand operations, it’s easy to add new robots without investing in additional warehouse space. The software interface is also highly user-friendly, enabling a fast transition and a low training cost for employees. 

Roberto Fuhr, CEO of Boreal Technologies, says: “The broad range of Geek+ mobile robot solutions fits perfectly with our strategic focus and growth plans. We look forward to providing our clients with seamless automation capabilities and support them with end-to-end solutions to manage the challenges of current and future supply chain operations.”

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