February 9

Podcast Episode 15 – Jeff Burnstein from A3


This weekly podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, technology leaders and luminaries in the mobile robotics industry. If you love autonomous mobile robots as much as we do, then this is your weekly fix of inspiring stories about where this market is headed.

This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews Jeff Burnstein, President of the Association for Advancing Information (A3). A3 is now the preferred name for the umbrella organization that Jeff leads and includes some familiar organizations such as the Robotics Industry of America (RIA), Automated Imaging Association (AIA) and the Motion Control & Motor Association (MCMA).  A3 produces educational webinars & trade shows, and sponsors safety protocol development across the automation market. The organization primarily focuses on the North America market, including Canada, The United States and Mexico.

During the show, Jeff and Mike talk about 2020 market data for robotics in North America and the future for growth in automation in North America. Jeff also provides his perspective about live events during the pandemic and the road ahead for live events in 2021 and into the future. A3 made the decision to move all of their events in 2020 to virtual events and they have pushed their next live event out to 2022.

Links to items mentioned in the show:

Association for Advancing Automation - https://www.a3automate.org

Robotics Industry of America - https://www.robotics.org/

Association For Vision Information - https://www.visiononline.org

Motion Control & Motor Association - https://www.motioncontrolonline.org

Reshoring Initiative - https://www.reshorenow.org/

Automate Forward Event (March 22-26, 2021) - https://www.automateshow.com/conference/automate-forward

A3 Business Forum: https://www.a3automate.org/a3-business-forum/

ARTICLE: Industry Trends and Market Potential – What’s Next? https://www.robotics.org/content-detail.cfm/Industrial-Robotics-Industry-Insights/Industry-Trends-and-Market-Potential-What-s-Next/content_id/9391

ARTICLE: For First Time on Record, Yearly Non-Automotive Robotic Orders Higher Than Automotive Orders https://www.robotics.org/content-detail.cfm/Industrial-Robotics-News/For-First-Time-on-Record-Yearly-Non-Automotive-Robotic-Orders-Higher-Than-Automotive-Orders/content_id/9471

Tradeshow Technology:

A3 is moving to the 6Connex trade show platform: https://www.6connex.com/

The podcast is sponsored this week by The Mobile Robot Guide (https://mobilerobotguide.com/), where you can find all of the latest news and information about mobile robots. The Mobile Robot Guide also publishes monthly Buyers Guides that provide you with complete product specifications and buying advice if you are in the market for a new mobile robotic solution.

The podcast is also sponsored this week by Wiferion. Wiferion is the leading solution provider for the mobile, wireless power supply of electric industrial vehicles. The inductive battery charging system of the etaLINK series charges fast and safe, fully automatic without contacts. The compactness and efficiency of 93% is unparalleled in its class. Find out more at https://www.wiferion.com/

This episode of the Mobile Robot Podcast is also sponsored by SICK. You'll find SICK solutions on a majority of the autonomous mobile robots in production today. SICK has been around for more than 70 years and they are one of the most trusted industrial sensor brands in the world. You likely know by now that a LIDAR sensor is state of the art for mobile robot navigation and obstacle avoidance. SO - If you are building a new mobile robot, then you need to take a deep look at the sensors offered by SICK. If you are buying a mobile robot, then be sure to ask what brand of sensors are built into the robot. You'll also find SICK sensors in use in applications such as light curtains for robotic safety barriers, proximity sensors in manufacturing and in barcode scanning applications across a number of logistics processes. With more than 70,000 products, there is a SICK sensor for all of your industrial applications.  Find out more at https://sickusablog.com/keeping-automated-vehicles-track-2d-lidar-localization/ 

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