DroneDeploy Raises $50 M Series E Funding 

 February 9, 2021

By  Newsfeed

DroneDeploy announces that they have raised $50 M (USD) in Series E funding. This round of funding included participation by AirTree Ventures and Energize Ventures. With this round, DroneDeploy has raises a total of $142.6 M.

DroneDeploy is more than just a drone data analytics company. In October 2020, the company released a new version of their 360 Walkthrough software solution that can leverage either a drone or an autonomous mobile robot like Boston Dynamics Spot as the data acquisition platform. DroneDeploy can even leverage data collected by a human construction worker, walking through the project site with a 360 camera.

DroneDeploy User Interface

The DroneDeploy software enables a virtual walkthough of a construction site with any connected smart device (image courtesy of DroneDeploy)

The company intends to be the analytical platform for the construction industry, enabling remote management of drone and AMR data gathering. The solution includes complete end-to-end management of site data, and makes it easy to setup and execute the data gathering process.

DroneDeploy publishes an API that can easily share data with any enterprise application. The company has created a number of partnerships with existing construction management software applications.

With the series E funding round, the company plans to continue to expand beyond aerial drones and expand its market in Europe.

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