January 19

Podcast Episode 12 – Peter Juhl Voldsgaard From GoBe Robots


Show Description:

This weekly podcast features interviews with successful entrepreneurs, technology leaders and luminaries in the mobile robotics industry. If you love autonomous mobile robots as much as we do, then this is your weekly fix of inspiring stories about where this market is headed.

This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews GoBe Robotics CEO, Peter Juhl Voldsgaard. GoBe robots is a new company, however they are not new to service robotics and the telepresence robotics market. In the episode, we learn about the history of GoGe Robotics and how the company arrived at this point.

GoBe tele-presence robot with large logo

The new GoBe Telepresence robot. (image courtesy of GoBe Robotics)

You can find GoGe on the web at https://www.gobe-robots.com/

You can find UVD robots on the web at https://www.uvd-robots.com/

To learn more about CES2021 this week: https://ces.tech/

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The podcast is sponsored this week by The Mobile Robot Guide (https://mobilerobotguide.com/), where you can find all of the latest news and information about mobile robots. The Mobile Robot Guide also publishes monthly Buyers Guides that provide you with complete product specifications and buying advice if you are in the market for a new mobile robotic solution.

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