ZetaBank Launches New UV Disinfection Robot 

 January 12, 2021

By  Newsfeed

Korean robotic manufacturer ZetaBank announced a new lineup of autonomous mobile disinfection robots at CES2021 today. The company has agreements with several partners in China and Japan which have set the stage for the North American launch.

The company has a history of manufacturing hotel service robots since 2017. In 2019, they launched their first air-cleaning service robot. Late in 2020, they launched their first disinfection robot and a new version of their concierge/hospitality robot, which also included air purification and sterilization capabilities.

This week, the company announced the launch of two new editions of the robot. The Spatial Sterilization Robot filters the air as it moves around the facility. The Disinfection Collaborative Robot include a robotic manipulator on top of a mobile base, and it leverages UV light and ethanol to disinfect hard-to-reach parts of a room.

ZetaBank Collaborative Disinfection Robot

The Collaborative Disinfection Robot includes a collaborative robotic manipulator on top of the autonomous mobile robotic base to disinfect hard-to-reach locations in the room. (image courtesy of ZetaBank)

The complete lineup of ZetaBank robots illustrates the evolution of their product line as they have leveraged customer feedback and market needs to build new disinfection solutions. The company participated in the Silicon Valley Startup Alley at Techcrunch Disrupt in 2019, and this was their first foray into North America. 

ZetaBank also has a partnership with healthcare company, Huons Global, to help them launch the solution globally.

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