December 1

Podcast Episode 5 – Mark Messina


Show Description:

This week, host Mike Oitzman interviews Geek+ Chief Operating Officer for the Americas, Mark Messina. Geek+ is an autonomous mobile robotic (AMR) manufacturer. They are one of the fastest growing AMR providers and they are currently expanding worldwide from their roots in China. Mark leads the growth in the Americas region from Chile to Alaska.

Geek+ provides one of the most expansive AMR product lines with solutions for:

  • Material Handling
  • Logistics
  • Sortation
  • Good-to-person
  • Disinfection
  • Mobile Manipulation

During the episode this week, Mike and Mark discuss the growth of mobile robotics, how to build a channel, and the advances in technology that are enabling this market to expand.

Check out Geek+:

The  podcast is sponsored this week by Wiferion. Wiferion is the leading  solution provider for the mobile, wireless power supply of electric  industrial vehicles. The inductive battery charging system of the  etaLINK series charges fast and safe, fully automatic without contacts.  The compactness and efficiency of 93% is unparalleled in its class. Find  out more at

Music by Sonic Planet Productions, (c) 2020, used with permission

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