Nord Modules Releases Quick Mover 180 

 November 11, 2020

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Nord Modules announces the Quick Mover 180, a flexible payload module that enables autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to perform a variety of material handling tasks. The unique design enables AMRs to quickly pickup and drop off cargo for manufacturing assembly processes. Cargo carried by the AMR might include: work-in-process, finished goods, raw materials, inventory or scrap.

Nord Modules is introducing a flexible, easy-to-deploy payload module that can interact with any number of stations or "gates" as Nord describes them. These stations include Nord designed options from a collaborative robot (cobot) - powered loading/unloading station, a wheeled conveyor in-feed/out-feed, a fixed station, and a movable cart. The QM180 is a standard payload system that can (currently) be integrated with MiR’s MiR100, MiR200 and MiR250 AMRs.

This video provides a quick view of how the system works:

By coupling Nord’s automated load-transfer gates with a cobot arm, the space-efficient QM180 creates the first fully autonomous material handling system, with material flowing seamlessly from production lines to the AMR to the warehouse.

“While AMRs transform material transport, increase plant efficiency and reduce employee injuries, their benefits are only maximized with top modules and high-quality gates that transfer the materials,” said Kenneth B. Henriksen, chief commercial officer, Nord Modules. “With the QM180, for the first time, customers can use a single top module on their AMR to transport materials to a cobot-armed gate that can autonomously pick up and transport multiple types of materials.”

Before the launch of Nord Modules in 2018, payload systems for AMRs were custom made, requiring custom engineering, safety approvals, production and testing before they could be installed and deployed. Nord simplified that, delivering innovative, reliable and standard robotic applications for load transfer. To maximize customer ROI, Nord focuses on developing space-efficient systems that are highly flexible and quick to deploy. 

Today, Nord’s well-tested standardized top modules deliver:

  • Fast time to deployment—customers can set up and install most top modules and gates out of the box within 30 minutes
  • Reduced docking time as sensors guide the connection at the gates 
  • Versatility with one top module enabling multiple tasks
  • The smallest footprint (31x24"/80x60cm instead of traditional 32x32"/80x80cm), optimizing valuable floor space  

The QM180 is delivered with integrated software and a tablet for manual control. Using the touchscreen, users can also manually control the robot, if needed, and adapt the system for specialized work processes.  

“Speed, space and flexibility are what manufacturers and warehouse operators need, and what the QM180 delivers,” Henriksen added. “With the QM180, these operators can deploy their AMRs quickly, and since one top module moves multiple types of material, more floorspace is saved and material handling is faster as no one needs to stop the AMR to change out the top module for different production layouts. This results in superior ROI.” 

For more information on the QM180, visit https://nord-modules.com/products/top-modules/qm180-quick-mover/

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