Agilox Launches New Omnidirectional Counterbalanced AMR 

 September 8, 2020

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Austria based Agilox launches a new autonomous fork lift to extend their capabilities in autonomous material movement to include overhead material placement. Agilox is already successful with their existing Agilox-ONE vehicle in applications where unit load, pallet based materials need to be moved throughout your facility. The key advantage of Agilox vehicles is that they feature omni-directional wheels, that enable faster and easier alignment between the pallet forks and the target pallet.

Introducing the Agilox OCF

The new Agilox-OCF (omni-directional counterbalanced fork lift) is designed according to the principles of the counterbalanced forklift. Hence, it can pick up pallets, lattice boxes, and other load carriers with a maximum weight of 1500 kg (3300 lbs), transport them to the destination, and set them down at a height of up to 1600 mm (63 in).

Agilox co-founder and CEO, Franz Humer, says "The OCF is a logical addition to round out our product portfolio. With it, we open up opportunities in storage and order picking technology, and thus, a large market in which the IGVs can showcase their advantages over both AGVs and man-operated forklifts."

Agilox counterbalanced forktruck AMR

The new autonomous Agilox counterbalanced forktruck (image courtesy of Agilox)

Agilox OCF Opens Up New Warehouse Workflows

While the Agilox-ONE vehicles are mainly used for material supply in production, the Agilox-OCF enables classic intralogistics tasks in incoming and outgoing goods, order picking and storage, as well as in production—provided that the transport is pallet-bound.

The Agilox-OCF pilot series has already been successfully tested in Vorchdorf, Austria. Series production will begin shortly, with the first OCFs set to be delivered to customers in the first quarter of 2021.

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