GreyOrange Patents Warehouse Workflows 

 September 4, 2020

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GreyOrange Patents Several Warehouse Fulfillment Technology

India based GreyOrange Robotics announces patents for the technology essential for companies to deliver omnichannel fulfillment and maximize facility space utilization through multilevel operation capabilities. 

As is typical with the patent process, these GreyOrange Patents were filed 5+ years ago, and are only recently finalized and approved.

The patents cover the following warehouse workflows:

GreyOrange Patents a "First-to-Fill" technology

  • First-to-Fill Technology: Artificial Intelligence within GreyOrange GreyMatter™ software assesses demand characteristics of each inventory item (known as Stock Keeping Unit or SKU). Based on each SKU’s characteristics and how they relate to the characteristics of other SKUs, the system determines SKU storage locations and configures automated retrieval patterns undertaken by Goods-to-Person robots in the fulfillment center to most efficiently fulfill the most popular items by channel. (USPO US10683173)

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange patent application.

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange first-to-fill patent application.

GreyOrange Patents an In-Store Inventory Replenishment Algorithm

  • Retail-Ready Fulfillment: Intelligence within GreyMatter understands inventory placement in stores and optimizes the packing and routing of store replenishment orders according to each store’s preference, reducing the time and labor required to move inventory from back-room receiving to available for purchase on a store shelf or other store location (on a pallet in an aisle, for example). System Intelligence Manages optimal replenishment delivery routes, inventory needs and placement preferences by store, inventory delivery format (individual items, cases or pallets), and capacities of the containers or trolleys used to transport replenishment inventory. (UPTO US10643179)

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange patent application.

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange Retail-Ready patent application.

GreyOrange Patents an Algorithm To Determine Optimal Paths For AMRs Across Facility Floors

  • Multilevel Robot Mobility: One or more autonomous robots can place or retrieve from multiple floors or mezzanines in a distribution center inventory housed in mobile storage units, coordinating travel paths with elevators or lifts.  This enables companies to optimize the use of autonomous mobile robots in both horizontal and vertical space in a distribution center to maximize inventory volumes and throughput capacity.  Workers can remain on one level at pick-put stations while Ranger™ GTP robots access elevators serving other levels of the DC, retrieve goods, bring them to stations for order fulfillment and take incoming inventory to assigned staging areas on any level. This minimizes human touchpoints, eliminates manual retrieval and placement of inventory, and maximizes facility use and fulfillment throughput. (USPO US10274953)

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange patent application.

Workflow diagram from the GreyOrange Multilevel robot patent application.


GreyOrange is an industry leader and a warehouse/fulfillment industry veteran. Patents represent a method to protect intellectual property and protect the investment in development by the vendor. Acquiring the patents is a significant step for GreyOrange as it expands globally into new markets.

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