Avidbots Launches Neo 2 

 September 2, 2020

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Canadian robotics company Avidbots, announced the launch of Neo 2, their next-generation autonomous robot floor scrubber platform. Neo 2 has been engineered from the ground up to be the highest in quality, reliability, and serviceability with industry-leading technology and software.

Avidbots Neo 2 Is a Completely New Platform

Avidbots is one of the leading autonomous floor scrubbing solutions on the market. Since the pandemic hit North America, Avidbots has seen a 100 percent increase in demand. Autonomous floor scrubbing is one of the ways that companies can provide a safer work environment for their staff, customers, and the general public.

Avidbots NEO 2 Robot front view

The Avidbots NEO 2 is a completely redesigned solution (image courtesy of Avidbots)

Designed for cleaning and sanitizing vast commercial spaces with hard-flooring, Neo 2 offers organizations the opportunity to free up cleaning staff to focus on high-touch areas as well as ensuring a consistent cleaning experience. Many businesses (80 percent) expressed concern about the ability of their dedicated cleaning staff to comprehensively clean against COVID-19.

Avidbots Neo 2 Includes New Features

Featuring best-in-class technology integration, Avidbots Neo 2 is powered by the Avidbots AI Platform and features a market-leading 14 sensors, resulting in 360 degrees visibility and advanced obstacle avoidance. Coupled with advanced diagnostics and the proprietary Avidbots Command Center, Neo 2 operates with minimal human intervention, delivering maximum uptime and repeatability due to leading-edge automation. Moving at speeds up to 1.35m/4.43 ft per second, Neo 2 cleans and sanitizes more effectively and efficiently than humans, allowing the cleaning team to focus on other areas while Neo 2 takes care of the floors. With increased needs for disinfection in the ‘new normal’, Neo 2 will soon offer a Disinfectant Add-on with the capacity to disinfect high-touch 3-D surfaces. To learn more about Neo 2, watch the video to witness its cleaning capabilities in action.

“We are excited to launch Neo 2 as the next iteration of our world-leading autonomous, floor-scrubbing robot platform. Building on the great success of the previous version, Neo 2 delivers quality, reliable, and measurable floor-cleaning solution to commercial spaces,” says Faizan Sheikh, CEO, and Co-founder of Avidbots. “In a time when businesses need consistent, high-quality cleaning, and disinfecting, Neo 2 offers a smart answer for companies needing to reassure customers, partners, and employees alike.”

“As a robotics-first company, we’re proud to release the next generation of Neo, setting a new standard for floor cleaning robots as we continue to bring robots to everyday life to expand human potential,” says Pablo Molina, Chairman, CTO, VP of Product and Co-founder of Avidbots.

An innovator in autonomous floor scrubbers, Avidbots provides robotics solutions to some of the world’s biggest companies across manufacturing, warehousing, education, healthcare, airports, retail and beyond, such as DHL, Singapore Changi Airport, and 3M.

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