OTSAW UV Disinfection Robot Reports Successful Live COVID tests 

 August 25, 2020

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Setting The Standard for COVID Disinfection Testing

Singapore based OTSAW Robotics announces today that they have successfully completed laboratory testing of their OR-X, LED UV light disinfection robot. OTSAW completed laboratory tests on live COVID19 virus that was flown in from the US and tested in a Singapore based lab.

The Only Solution To Leverage LED Lights for COVID Disinfection

The OR-X robot includes a patented disinfection protocol leveraging LED lights. The OR-X is currently the only autonomous mobile robot based disinfection solution on the market to leverage UV LED lighting for the disinfection process.

The lab testing was carried out by A*STAR and completed on August 21st. The test showed a 99.9% efficacy for disinfection was achieved within 5 minutes, for the OTSAW O-RX at a working distance of 2.5m. Only a handful of solutions have completed lab testing with live COVID19 virus. The majority of competitors have used testing on COVID19 analogs such as the SARS virus to demonstrate effectiveness.

The OTSAW OR-X disinfection solution uses LED-based UV lights to kill and control the coronavirus. (Image courtesy of OTSAW)

The OTSAW OR-X disinfection solution uses LED-based UV lights to kill and control the coronavirus. (Image courtesy of OTSAW)

A Technology Innovation Award Winning Solution

The OR-X was included in the recent Disinfection Solutions Buyers Guide, where it was awarded a "Technology Innovation" award for the novel innovation of successfully engineering, manufacturing and delivering a LED-based UV light disinfection solution. The advantage of using LED lights over low-pressure mercury UV light bulbs, or pulsed XENON UV light sources is that LED lights consume considerably less power. The significantly lower power consumption means that the OR-X solution can operate longer on a single battery charge. The result is that the OR-X can disinfect larger areas during its working period.

OTSAW is targeting malls, large corporate campuses and hospitals with the OR-X solution. The OR-X solution will be ideal for large campuses with a lot of area to coverage. The design is optimized to make the best use of onboard power.

CEO/Founder of OTSAW Ling Ting Ming said, "The world has gone through drastic changes and is delicately poised socially and economically for changes ahead. OTSAW and the O-RX are now part of this new world as we restart and focus to unite humanity and beat this virus."

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