Geek+ And Körber To Join Forces In Deploying Automated Material Handling Solutions 

 August 20, 2020

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Geek+, a global AMR leader, and Körber, a global supply chain technology leader from software to materials handling automation, announce the beginning of a global strategic partnership. Together, the two companies declare a joint commitment to provide businesses worldwide with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) that can enable efficient, flexible, and smart logistics solutions.

Geek+ To Expand Within Kӧrber’s Global Customer Base

With an already extensive portfolio of successful cases across industries and a wide variety of AI-driven robotics solutions applicable to different supply chain scenarios, Geek+ will make its technology available to Kӧrber’s global customer base. Combining Kӧrber’s capabilities for integration, advisory, and maintenance for robotics with Geek+, the partnership addresses the current market needs for technologies and strategies to effectively mitigate increasing supply chain complexities through the joint capabilities of AI, robotics, software and machine learning. This is particularly true in light of COVID-19, resulting in a multitude of challenges such as labor shortages, health risks, and unpredictable fluctuations in demand.

Geek+ robots move shelves in a goods-to-person application in a warehouse

Geek+ robots move shelves in a goods-to-person application in a warehouse (image courtesy of Geek+)

Hong Yu, CMO at Geek+ commented, “We are excited to be entering into our first global partnership and equally excited that it is with Körber. This partnership allows us to provide businesses worldwide with AMR solutions that can help realize flexible and efficient logistics operations. Having already experienced successful collaboration between Geek+ and Kӧrber within the Asia Pacific region, we are confident that this global partnership will lead to accelerated market expansion. Together, we are bringing the future of smart warehousing to companies worldwide.”

Geek+ Has Deployed More Than 10,000 AMRs Globally

In the past 5 years, Geek+ ability to deliver real value to its customers has led to international expansion and rapid growth. This includes the successful deployment of 10,000 AMRs globally in support of over 300 world-renowned customer brands. Geek+ robotic systems continuously demonstrate high effectiveness that helps its customers improve operational performance and drive improved business continuity. 

Geek+ robot with both Geek+ and Korber logos on it

Geek+ manufacturers the largest lineup of warehouse and logistics AMRs. (image courtesy of Geek+)

Körber’s relationship with Geek+ is spurred by innovation,” said Nishan Wijemanne, global leader for AMR Solutions at Körber. “Our ongoing global investments in the advancement of robotics brings a new level of performance to the warehouse floor. By collaborating with Geek+, Kӧrber provides the flexibility, adaptability and precision businesses need to conquer supply chain complexity today and beyond.” 

With the right technologies and partner, businesses can turn today’s supply chain complexities into a strategic differentiator with robotics,” said John Santagate, vice president of robotics at Kӧrber Supply Chain – Software. “Be it the rise in consumer expectations, increasing product counts, supply network complexity, or growing distribution channels, Kӧrber’s relationship with Geek+ empowers businesses to effectively integrate mobile robotics into their operation in the effort to revolutionize workflows across the globe.”

Körber Business Area Supply Chain Consolidates Multiple Brands

The Körber Business Area Supply Chain is part of the international technology group Körber. This includes Aberle, Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, Cohesio  Group, Consoveyo, DMLogic, HighJump, inconso, Otimis, Langhammer, Riantics and Voiteq. Körber has proven success with thousands of companies worldwide. All companies will officially transition to the brand name ‘Kӧrber’ in the fall of 2020.

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