AMR Payload Solutions Provider ROEQ Secures Investment 

 August 13, 2020

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Danish AMR solution provider ROEQ announces investment by Danish fund VækstPartner Kapital . The investment will enable ROEQ to grow to the next level as they build on their success over the last year and a half. ROEQ has become well-established in the global market with more than 80 distributors across 40 countries.

ROEQ designs and manufactures payload solutions exclusively for MiR AMRs. They have been a MiR solution partner since 2017, with a focus on filling the gap of active payloads for MiR robots. MiR is one of the early AMR platform pioneers, and has successfully built out its partner channel by encouraging and supporting technology companies like ROEQ.

ROEQ celebration showing the ROEQ employees in a room with balloons and cake

ROEQ employees celebrate the investment announcement (image courtesy of ROEQ)

Now, Danish investment fund VækstPartner Kapital is investing in ROEQ's continued growth journey. As a result, ROEQ gets an experienced partner with the financial muscle to support the upscaling, while enabling ROEQ’s growth as a leading supplier of equipment for mobile robots.

A Large and Growing Product Line

As the market for mobile robots has grown, ROEQ developed more than 30 different payloads and accessories for mounting on a MiR robot. The products enable the robots to pick up and drop off items and goods in a manufacturing company, in a hospital, at wholesalers or in the logistics industry.

Anders Tvegaard, a partner at VækstPartner Kapital, has not regretted making this investment on behalf of the more than 80 private investors behind VækstPartner Kapital's fund.

“ROEQ is a very strong product company in a sector in which we see a lot of potential. The entire AMR area is super exciting, and the ROEQ team knows exactly how to make strong industrial products that create value for customers. The product range has exceptionally high quality and a well-thought-out user interface. They simply supply the best equipment on the market. This is what we can hear when we talk to their customers,” says Anders Tvegaard, VækstPartner Kapital, who has already made a number of other investments in the field of industrial automation, including TriVision, CIM Industrial Systems and more.

On The Way To The Big Leagues

VækstPartner Kapital's investment takes place after six months of thorough preparations, in which the fund validated ROEQ's great potential. This is what the CEO of ROEQ, Michael Ejstrup Hansen, says: “Since January, we have been looking for the right partner who, through an active partnership, can contribute with commercial, strategic insight and experience in developing a growing organization. We can already feel how the collaboration has professionalized our young company and attracted valuable profiles to our management and board. We will sharpen our growth rate with a precise global prioritization of both markets and product mix so that we can scale the company up in the robot industry's super league.”

About ROEQ

ROEQ develops equipment for mobile robots that efficiently builds a bridge between, for example, warehouse and production lines, so that the industry can achieve fully automated, internal logistics between warehouse and production. The robot company started in 2017 and is a 100% Danish-owned company, where the majority of the components for the robot equipment are also supplied by Danish companies. Today, ROEQ develops, produces and sells its products in more than 40 countries through more than 80 distributors. ROEQ's range of top modules and cart solutions makes it possible to get a MiR robot to, without human involvement, pick up / deliver carts or pallets with items such as a conveyor belt. Users of ROEQ's equipment are found in both the logistics industry as well as the healthcare sector.

About VækstPartner Kapital

Behind VækstPartner Kapital are partners Jon Risvig and Klaus Bülow Davidsen and later supplemented by partner Anders Tvegaard. They run two investment funds focusing on B2B growth companies. The fund's partners are frequently present at the portfolio companies to contribute strategically and operationally with their experience and competencies.

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