Geek+ Officially Launches New Disinfection Solutions 

 July 3, 2020

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Beijing based Geek+ Robotics officially launches their two new autonomous disinfection solutions today. The Lavender AMR uses UVC light to disinfect rooms, surfaces and facilities, while Jasmin can disperse chemical biocides throughout a larger area.

Both units are fully autonomous and able to navigate anywhere in your facility to help with disinfection operations. Lavender’s UV light effectively kills 99.99% of germs and Jasmin’s liquid spray reaches a kill rate of 99.99% of germs depending on concentration and type of liquid agent.

Award Winning Solutions from Geek+

MRG Recommended Solutions Large

Both units are featured in our 2020 Disinfections Solutions Buyers Guide and earned the coveted Recommended Solution award due to the strength of Geek+'s technology and their ability to deliver to customers during the COVID crisis.

The Buyers Guide includes complete coverage of all of the available autonomous disinfection solutions currently on the market.

Geek Plus Lavendar UVC Robot

Geek Plus Lavendar UVC Robot (Image courtesy of Geek Plus)

Geek Plus Jasmin disinfection sprayer robot

Geek Plus Jasmin disinfection sprayer robot (Image courtesy of Geek Plus)

Extending Geek+'s Market Leadership

This entry into the disinfection solutions market demonstrates Geek+'s ability to execute on the development, manufacturing and launch of a completely new solution in their product portfolio. The solution wasn't considered until the impact of the corona virus pandemic made it clear that the market for autonomous disinfection would be a growth opportunity in 2020 and beyond.

Yong Zheng, founder & CEO of Geek commented: “The pandemic has endangered global health, put a strain on large parts of society and pushed many businesses to a halt. As the world slowly re-opens, AMRs can play a key role in safeguarding workers and the public and guaranteeing business continuity. Our two disinfection robots are designed to operate as public health guardians and fully support workers and companies in this global crisis. Geek+ is committed to providing the best technology to guarantee safe and effective operations.”

Geek+ has been be able to leverage their market hardened control software along with a deep understanding of how to engineer and manufacture AMRs, to quickly bring these two new products to market. Both products take advantage of autonomous navigation and mapping to allow the AMRs to autonomously maneuver around a facility and deploy their specific disinfection protocols (UVC light or biocide spraying).

Geek+ has one of the largest product lines of autonomous mobile robots, and they are a market leader in the warehouse automation and intralogistics application areas for AMRs. This product launch proves that they can quickly pivot to design, build and launch a new AMR solution for a new market.

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