SESTO Robotics 

 June 25, 2020

By  Mike Oitzman

SESTO Robotics

Headquarters: Singapore

Established: 2017
Public: NO
Website: https://www.sestorobotics.com/


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Quick Overview:

SESTO Robotics is a leading solutions provider of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology that automates material handling processes in manufacturing and healthcare facilities. Their solutions integrate seamlessly into various back-end systems as well as physical infrastructures, and have helped manufacturers worldwide deliver mission critical results through high uptime, scalability and ease of operation.

Product Name

Max Payload



Medical Disinfection

200 kg




20 Kg

Mobile Manipulator

Research Platform

Goods to Person


Machine Tending

300 Kg





SESTO Robotics recently introduced SESTO HealthGUARD, an autonomous disinfection solution that includes both UVGI light disinfection as well as biocide spraying of aqueous ozone. The solution is completely autonomous in its disinfection operations as shown in the video below.

Manual cleaning and disinfection may be inadequate and subject to human error, especially in large spaces. This is why healthcare robotics solutions help automate labor-intensive and repetitive tasks in facilities. During operational hours with human traffic, SESTO HealthGUARD can disinfect the environment with hospital-grade disinfectant from its multi-nozzle sprayer, eliminating 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses. The multi-nozzle sprayer targets high-touch surface areas and enables facilities owners and operators to disinfect large surfaces more efficiently and thoroughly.

SESTO Robotics Core Platform

The SESTO Element is designed so that custom payloads can be developed and positioned on top of the AMR base. As seen in the video above, this strategy makes the SESTO Element a great choice for system integrators who need a solid AMR base to leverage for a specific client application.

Using the same compact AMR mobile platform, payloads such as shelves, containers, jacking decks or a robotic arm can be easily integrated with the Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), making it a highly versatile and adaptable solution to deliver and transfer various payloads on the factory floor or warehouse.

SESTO Robotics Introduces Mobile Manipulation

SESTO also has released an autonomous mobile manipulator. The vehicle is built on top of the SESTO Element and includes a COBOT manipulator on top of the Element.

Vision guidance enables the manipulator to identify, pick up and manipulate items. Use cases include bin picking, goods to person, kitting and machine tending.

SESTO Prime Robot and logo

The SESTO Prime autonomous mobile manipulator (Image courtesy of SESTO)

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