Introducing the ZenZoe UVD Mobile Robot by ASTI Robotics 

 May 21, 2020

By  Mike Oitzman

Spain based ASTI Robotics has released a new UV-C light disinfection robot ​cobranded with BoosLight. The solution includes ​a UV-C light payload developed by BoosLight on top of an ASTI autonomous mobile robot (AMR) platform. Together, the solution autonomously disinfects a facility.

The company is targeting both hospitals as well as corporate campuses. The solution will be useful to help with the daily sanitization cycles to keep employees healthy as ​they return to work.

​ASTI has introduced multiple UV-C light disinfection solutions, including 3 manual light devices, along with the new ZenZoe AMR vehicle.

  • ZenZoe Easy - a manual UVD solution
  • ZenZoe Pro - a manual UVD solution
  • ZenZoe Plus - the largest capacity manual UVD solution
  • ZenZoe Robot - an AMR based UVD solutio.
ASTi lineput of UV Disinfection Devices

ASTI Robotics lineup of UV Disinfection Devices. Including the ZenZoe AMR (Image courtesy of ASTI)

The radiation emitted by the ​AMR achieves a reduction in the viral and bacterial load of up to 99.99%. The light intensity and power, together with the continuous movement of the robot helps to minimize shadow areas which might be missed by a stationary disinfection cycle.

​The ZenZoe Robot ​value ​proposition is that only a single pass is required to acheive the necessary disinfection, due in part to the light intensity. ASTI has published a 2.5 hour operating time for the ZenZoe robot, before it needs to be recharged. However, fast cycle recharge is part of the solution, with a 1 hour recharge time.

​Finally, the solution includes real time cloud-based traceability function that records the results of the disinfection cycle, as well as provides intelligence to optimize the utilization rate and disinfection efficiency.

“A proactive approach to a problem of infection and spread of the virus, the direct involvement of all levels of both organizations and a dynamic, innovative and open spirit, has resulted in a product that has proven to disinfect, with greater effectiveness, speed and efficiency than any other, and that acts in a lethal way on any of the pathogens of current concern” notes Alfonso Vázquez de Prada, General Director of BOOS Technical Lighting.

The AMR is powered by ANT, and is fully autonomous, leveraging natural feature navigation to move around the facility.

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