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​Oppent Advanced Motion ​Technology

Headquarters: ​Milano, Italy
Public: NO


  • ​EVOcart™
  • ​EVOcabinet™ 1/2
  • ​EVOpallet™
  • ​EVOtug™
  • ​EVOshaft™
  • ​EVOroller™ 1/2
  • ​EVOroller T™
  • ​EVOcobot™ 1/2
  • ​EVObase™
  • ​EVOscanner™


  • ​Cart Moving
  • ​Textile Cloth Movement
  • ​Logistics
  • ​Conveyance
  • ​Mobile Manipulation
  • ​Lab Samples
  • ​Platform
  • ​Pallet Movement
  • ​Healthcare


​Oppent Advanced Motion Technology was born in 1960 as a custom machine builder. Today, Oppent offers a complete lineup of AMRs for a variety of applications from moving large fabric rolls, to moving carts, to a mobile manipulator with a COBOT onboard. Oppent has deployed more than 200 robots into production, across 15 countries.

Overall, Oppent has one of the largest product lines of any AMR manufacturer. The product line includes several conveyor configurations to automatically load/unload totes or boxes from a conveyor belt.

The broad range of payload configurations and AMR base designs allow Oppent to offer solution across a wide range of applications. However the robots all share a common operating system, sensor package and base electronics design.

The oppent AMR lineup

A portion of the Oppent AMR product line (image courtesy of Oppent)

​All of the vehicles use natural feature laser guided navigation and are programmed with the same software interface. All of the vehicles can operate under the control of the same EVO fleet management software.

Several of the vehicles feature omni-directional motion for the AMR base, depending on the application (configured at the factory). The EVOpallet can handle payloads up to 1,400 Kg (3,750 lbs) and the EVOtug can pull payloads up to 2,500 Kg (6,698 lbs).

​Versatile and fitted out with great maneuverability, EVOcart is able to carry different loads and volumes always in total safety. Infinitely scalable vehicles derive from a single concept, depending on the needs related to the elements to handle and the constraints dictated by the environment.

Oppent EVO cart AMR

Oppent EVOcart™ AMR (image courtesy of Oppent)

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