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Diligent Robotics 

​Diligent Robotics

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​Moxi is the hospital robot assistant that helps clinical staff with non-patient-facing tasks like gathering supplies and bringing them to patient rooms, delivering lab samples, fetching items from central supply, and removing soiled linen bags. Automation helps hospitals maintain consistent care workflows and gives staff more time for patient care.

Moxi Robot in a hospital hallway

​Moxi has a single manipulator (mobile arm) with which it can pickup, touch or deliver items. The robot has stereo vision which it can use to see and locate items.

To operate in busy, semi-structured hospital environments, Moxi’s A.I. framework features:

  • Social intelligence: expressive face, social awareness

  • Mobile manipulation: compliant arm, hand, mobile base

  • Human-guided learning: learns from human teachers

​Diligent robotics is a women-led company and it was founded by CEO Andrea Thomaz and CTO Vivian Chu. They are based in Austin Texas, where they are quickly building a team of robotics experts to enhance and deploy Moxi.

​The robot is built on top of a Fetch Robotics base, and features an OEM version of the Kinova collabortive arm. This design decision has enabled Diligent to focus on the other system integration issues with the onboard collaborative arm, the machine vision guidance and the AI-based operations. Moxi is a new class of hospital service robots that can autonomously navigate a hospital to perform collaborative tasks with nursing staff.

​Since ​their founding in 2017, they have raised a total seed funding of $5.1M over two rounds in 2018, and 2019.

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