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​Ware Robotics

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​The Ware Robotics ​solution ​uses autonomous drones ​to scan a warehouse and identify and count all of the inventory. The solution uses off-the-shelf Skydio drones, that are capable of autonomous flight, for the data acquisition platform

​Autonomous drones live on nests in your warehouse. The nests keep the drone's batteries charged when they're sleeping. The drones wake up on a schedule, take off, capture data, and return to their nest to recharge.

The typical Ware Robotics operating cycle starts after the human workers end their shift for the day. Each drone is equipped with a stablized, high definition camera that records images of all levels of inventory in the warehouse. The Ware Robotics software processes these images to extract inventory information (SKUs, inventory location, inventory count, etc) from the images.

Ware drone on a charging next in a warehouse

Ware drone sits on its nest to charge. (Image courtesy of Ware)

​Drones upload their data to the Ware cloud where ​a neural network processes it to extract inventory bin locations, counts, and insights. Visual verification of inventory will be made available in the Ware portal to get a quick look at any anomalies.

Ware software screenshot

The Ware software interface. (Image courtesy of Ware)

​The Ware Robotics solution is integrated to your Warehouse Management System, and can sync the inventory scans with the WMS to reconcile inventory levels.

​This novel solution leverages the AI-enabled autonomy ​inherent in the Skydio 2 drones. Ware ​is one of the first companies to sign a partner agreement with Skydio to be a technology partner. Skydio is currently limited in its production of consumer version of the drone, but Skydio is working closely with Ware to ensure delivery of units to fulfill Ware's customer needs.

The Ware Robotics solution includes all of the supervisory and analysis layer of software that automatically schedules and autonomously operates the drones. The drones fly through waypoints within the warehouse and are able to avoid both the shelving as well as walls and pallets or forktrucks.

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