March 6

Boston Dynamics Handle Robot Works with OTTO Motors 1500 AMR



​Video Overview:

​This video demonstrates the capability of the Boston Robotics Handle robot to interact with and load boxes onto an OTTO Motors 1500 AMR. The Handle robot uses its onboard vision system to register and identify the location of the OTTO Motors 1500 robot. It then locates an open location on the pallet and places a box onto the pallet. 

​Accuracy isn't critical for the OTTO Motors 1500 robot, but the two companies have worked out a communication protocol so that the vehicles can interact. The Handle robot definitely needs to ​locate where the OTTO Motors robots has stopped. This demonstration illustrates where the various technologies can ​evolve to help automate the placement or removal of items onto a large format material movement AMR like the OTTO Motors 1500. Until this demonstration, loading and unloading of the material handling AMRs was mostly a manual process.

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