OMRON Releases New MobilePlanner Tablet Edition 

 February 5, 2020

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​Omron has released a new tablet version of the MobilePlanner application. Now Omron users can operate the Omron LD autonomous mobile robots (AMR) entirely through a tablet or smart phone. Prior to this release, the LD AMR's required a laptop running the PC version of the MobilePlanner application.

Configure and Operate the Robot Fleet

With MobilePlanner Tablet, users can view the location and status of Omron AMRs, alerts, job queue, position, battery level, and travel speed in an easy to read color-coded map. The MobilePlanner PC edition provides full configuration and control capabilities for Omron LD mobile robots​.

Omron application on a tablet held by user

​Manage the​ Robot Fleet From the Palm of Your Hand

​With MobilePlanner Tablet, the user can now easily ​view robots’ laser readings and localize robots when needed. Users can also send robots to dock or other points on map.

​The app also provides the capability to manually drive robots without the need to hook up a joystick (cabled) to the robot. A user can also initiate map-making process.

The app also provides a convenient view of the status of all robots in the facility along with all of the jobs which the Fleet Manager is supervising. Users can stop, start, restart or recover any robot which is interrupted. User can also call a robot to complete a job/task.

Screen shot of mobile map

Image courtesy of Omron

Screen shot on robot map

Image courtesy of Omron

No Map Editing in the Tablet Version

​While MobilePlanner Tablet allows the operator to initiate the mapping process or relocalize an Omron AMR, the operator will still require the PC version of the MobilePlanner to edit a map, before deploying the map to the AMR fleet.

Map editing in MobilePlanner (on the PC) is a straight forward and simple process. Omron acquired their ​autonomous mobile robot technology from Adept Technology in 2016. Adept was one of the pioneers in the autonomous mobile robot market to offer a simple to use map editing interface on the PC. Every other AMR vendor has copied this concept in some form or another. So MobilePlanner has a long legacy in this market for the innovation of managing AMR operations without needed to program robot movement. ​It has (however) been a long wait for an official tablet/smartphone version of MobilePlanner to be released.

​Track Each Robot

Through the simple interface, the operator can ​view the location and status of robots in a color- coded map. The operator can also view alerts if robots need assistance. This includes the ability to view robots’ coordinates, battery level and travel speed.

Screen shot of Omron Tablet robot status

Image courtesy of Omron

​The app is available for both IOS and Android devices. For complete details on the new Omron Mobile Planner Tablet solution and to download a copy for your tablet or smart phone goto the Omron support website.

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