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Key Benefits

The 2020 Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide compiles the latest market research for autonomous mobile robot based solutions.

Save Vendor Research Time

The Buyers Guide compiles and normalizes technical specs for all of the available solutions, including solution pricing.

Expert Recommendations

After reviewing all of the solutions currently on the market, our editors picked the best solutions and solution providers. You can TRUST our guidance.

Get Ready To Contact Vendors

We've compiled a list of questions that you'll want to ask the vendors as you evaluate and compare them. Kick start your RFP process.

OUR MISSION: Educate You (The Buyer)

Product data for all of the autonomous warehouse solutions on the market.

We save hours of your time by providing a snapshot of each solution, along with our recommendations and highlights of the current market.

We educate you about the market, the technology and all of the current vendor solutions.

Spend your precious time finalizing your purchase decision.

Here's a sample of warehouse related stories in The Mobile Robot Guide

Who Has Time To Do Market Research?

The Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide is designed to help you make the best buying decision. It will help shorten the buying process by weeks or even months.

Our research team spent more than 100 hours preparing the research.

Armed with our expert research, you'll be able to quickly narrow your vendor choices and get to a short list of solutions that meet your unique requirements.

We've got answers to all of your questions about autonomous mobile robots and how they can be deployed effectively to improve your warehouse processes.

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Take a quick peek at the solutions that we're covering in this years Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide Features

The 2020 Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide is the key resource that you need to make an informed buying decision and to help improve the productivity of your warehouse, fulfillment or distribution center.

The guide features education content and a complete listing of all of the autonomous mobile robot based solutions currently on the market.

With your purchase, you'll get updates until the 2021 edition is published.

Our staff has done 60+ hours of research to compile this edition of the guide.

Mobile Robot Guide Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide cover October 2020 release
State of Warehouse Automation

Learn about warehouse workflow and how you can automate elements of your existing workflow to improve your warehouse performance

Primer on Mobile Robots

New to autonomous mobile robots? No worries. We'll teach you everything you need to know to make a wise buying decision and select the right vendor.

Product Recommendations

Our editorial staff provides Recommended Solutions and highlights vendors who are delivering innovative new solutions to the market.

Solution Technical Data

Our staff has collected and collated technical specs and pricing for the solutions, saving you time, while putting everything in an easy to read format.

Bonuses With Your Purchase

The Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide delivers a comprehensive overview of all of the autonomous mobile robot based warehouse solutions. It's the only resource you need to quickly make an informed buying decision. In addition to the product reviews/recommendations, there are several additional bonuses:

ROI Calculator (Excel)

The Buyers Guide includes an ROI calculator (Excel Spreadsheet) to help you calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) as you negotiate with vendors.

1 year of Updates

Worried about new solutions coming to market? As we discover new vendors and new solutions, you'll get access to updates of the Buyers Guide.

Vendor RFP Template (Word)

Ready to reach out to vendors? Use our list of vendor questions to help kick start your RFP process and get the answers you need to finalize your decision.

What's It Worth To You?

Product Research:

$ 1500

ROI Calculator:

$ 250

RFP Template:

$ 49



All this for only $99!

That's 92% off the cost of doing this research independently.

Warehouse Solutions Coverage

The Warehouse Solutions Buyers Guide covers 100+ solutions across four key application areas for autonomous warehouse solutions.  Highlighted below are the counts of vendor solutions we've reviewed for each sub-segment of the market.


Goods-to-Person & ASRS Solutions










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