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Gideon Brothers 

​Gideon Brothers

Headquarters: ​Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, ​Croatia
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  • ​Autonomous Mobile Robot


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​Gideon Brothers develops autonomous mobile​r robots for unstructured, indoor, human industrial environments. They ​are currently one of the largest robotics engineering companies in ​Croatia.

Their first product is an autonomous mobile robot with an 800 kg load carrying capability. This solution is capable of moving a standard euro pallet, loaded with product, throughout a facility. Gideon Brothers key differentiator is that they are one of the few companies using visual SLAM for navigation. The system employs AI and onboard processing to see the environment.

Infographic showing the history of the Gideon Brothers through 2019

Image Courtesy of The Gideon Brothers

The ​AMR ​has complete 360 degree LIDAR coverage for obstacle avoidance, but leverages the vision system for primary localization and guidance. This dual safety system should ensure that the AMR meets all regional safety regulations. It features a differentially driven drive system, which is state of the art for pallet carrying logistics AMRs now.

The AMR includes a built in lift mechanism which enables the robot to acquire/place a loaded pallet (up to 800 kg) from a pallet stand. In this ​workflow, the pallet can be placed at a pickup location either by a manual fork truck or at the end of a conveyance system. when the robot is called to move the pallet, it can autonomously approach, acquire and depart the pallet stand, on its way to the drop off location.

​The system also includes hot swappable batteries to ensure uninterrupted production operation.

​Gideon Brothers future product direction looks to be as a controls platform. As the video above illustrates, the company is likely to fit its controls and guidance solution on other AMR platforms in the future.

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