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​Piaggio Fast Forward's flagship solution is the gita personal carrier robot. The cute, two wheeled robot is designed to follow you around and carry all of your stuff. The gita robot can carry up to 18 kg (40 lbs) of your gear. The original gita robot was introduced in 2017, but this new generation of robot has changed. It's no longer autonomous, and can only follow a person. The max speed is now 2,682 mm/sec (6 mph).

​The gita can follow it​s owner, but it doesn't ​visually identify its owner. We're curious if this might lead to some interesting confusion ​on the sidewalk as gita decides to follow someone else better looking than its owner. gita does well on hard surfaces, but can't climb stairs and is restricted to a 16 degree ramp.

​How gita Works

​Cost of the gita robot is $3,250 and shipping starts on November 18, 2019. You can order your very own gita with the link below.

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​October 22, 2019Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) announces the launch of ​the gita Personal Carrier mobile robot. The two wheeled robot[...]

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