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Milrem Robotics 

​Milrem Robotics

Headquarters: ​Tallinn, Estonia
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​Milrem Robotics is a European technology company established in 2013. ​With a focus ​on manufacturing unmanned ground vehicles for defence and security forces and commercial and industrial clients and rescue services.

​The THeMIS Transport is intended to support dismounted troops by carrying everything a soldier would normally carry, thus letting the fighter concentrate on the mission at hand. It can be outfitted with various types of tie downs and restraints to prevent load shift. The modular construction of the cargo deck allows for it to be modified as required.

​The ADDER was the first remote weapon station integrated into the THeMIS. This system has been tested in the cold Estonian winter in partnership with weapon station developer and manufacturer Singapore Technologies Kinetics under the supervision of the Estonian Defence Forces.

​The PROTECTOR remote weapon station from KONGSBERG was integrated in 2017 and is a valuable addition to the THeMIS RWS family. There are several versions of the PROTECTOR RWS available, one of which is equipped with the Javelin missile system.

​The deFNder® Medium remote weapon station developed by FN Herstal. In partnership with FN Herstal and the Estonian Defence Forces this armed UGV has been deployed at the biggest Estonian defence exercise Spring Storm 2017.
In December 2017 live firing tests were conducted in Estonia where the weapon system was tested with a moving UGV as well as a stationary vehicle.

The THeMIS GroundEye system is the first explosive ordinance detection and disposal unit that has been developed in partnership with Raytheon UK.

THeMIS + KX-4 LE (Long Endurance) Titan features a heavy-lift multirotor with multiple payload options. Developed together with Threod Systems, the THeMIS + KX-4 LE Titan is the perfect tool for surveillance, rescue and law enforcement missions.

THeMIS + ELIX-XL is a unmanned drone platform developed together with ELI. The system features the ELIX-XL multiorotor and the Drone Nest. The ELIX-XL is designed to capture and transmit high quality digital video both day and night. The ELIX-XL can be autonomously launched and recovered by the Drone Nest. The Nest also has the ability to switch drone batteries, minimising the time between flights and providing an increase in operational readiness.

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