Milrem Robotics Introduces Fifth Generation Autonomous Mobile Platform 

 September 10, 2019

By  Mike Oitzman

​September 10, 2019

Milrem Robotics, a European autonomous mobile robot supplier of ​robotic warfare solutions, ​introduces ​their fifth generation ​THeMIS UGV at DSEI 2019.

The THeMIS is a multipurpose tracked vehicle, which can be configured with a variety of payloads. This includes warfighting technology such as weapon systems, tethered drones​ and IED detection devices. As a result of its versatility, the THeMIS has become the industry standard UGV, and Milrem is working with partners like Kongsberg, FN Herstal, MBDA and ST Engineering ​to integrate a spectrum of payloads for military deployment. Live firing tests have been conducted with five different weapon systems, including an anti-tank missile launcher.

“In 2015 we exhibited the first THeMIS concept here at DSEI in London. Now, four years later, after extensive testing with industry partners and NATO forces in very demanding environments we are proud to be back here and present a mature and robust product that will greatly enhance warfighting capabilities,” stated Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

Milrem Robot

In addition, Milrem Robotics is working on enhancing the vehicle with autonomous functions including point-to-point navigation, obstacle detection and avoidance. Core to Milrem's philophy is that autonomous functions development is focused on mobility alone, not on weapon systems deployment. This keeps the platform in line with current autonomous war systems standards.

The first fifth generation THeMIS vehicles have already been delivered to the Netherlands and Norway as logistic platforms intended to carry gear and supplies with an option to be integrated with additional warfighting equipment.

The 5th generation THeMIS can be found in the Estonian Pavilion N3-320 and Kongsberg’s stand S6-145 at DSEI 201

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