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Bear Robotics just announced a new generation of Penny, the self-driving food service robot. The first generation of Penny was introduced ​in 2018 as a prototype. This new version of the robot features an enhanced design with a Versatile, Interchangeable Tray System and proprietary Nimble Indoor Navigation to help restaurateurs run more efficient, successful businesses.

Bear Robotics was started to address the increased pressure faced by the food service and hospitality industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. The company developed Penny, the first robot optimized for front-of-house food service. Penny runs food to and from the kitchen to allow human servers to spend more time with their customers. The robot is optimized for the narrow and crowded spaces that restaurant operators and other hospitality providers serve within. Penny has served more than 40,000 restaurant customers worldwide.

Penny operates on a monthly subscription model (Robots as a Service) that doesn’t require restaurateurs to pay an up-front investment. The robot is available now to serve the United States and Asian markets.

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